Rally – 2/15/2007

The Rally is scheduled for February 15, 2007. The purpose of the rally is to update people on research and build excitement for Nehemiah Action!

Time: 6:30pm
Location: University Baptist Church (1223 W. Main St)
Parking: Parking in 14th St. Garage

We are currently in the Research phase. Research groups are formed of diverse clergy and lay people from across the congregations:
1. We research the extent of the problem, what is currently being done about it, and what else could be done to address it more effectively, often looking at best practices in other cities.
2. We come up with a specific change that can be made locally.
3. Changes must be “winnable”—i.e., small enough to be achievable, building toward bigger steps as the credibility and power of the organization grows. a. One example of an identified change would be: “Add a drug treatment program serving at least 250 people per year to the local jail, beginning January 1.”
4. We also identify the person(s) with the power to implement that change.
5. At the end of the Research process, a Rally is held, where the results of the research are shared, and where the people make preparations for the Nehemiah Assembly.

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