6th Annual Assembly: Recap

On Monday, October 24th, IMPACTkicked-off its year with a strong and exciting start. 440 people from IMPACT membercongregations voted on the problem of job preparation for young adults to beaddressed for the upcoming year.
We welcomed Unity of Charlottesville as they joined the organization, as well as voted in and commissioned our new Executive Committee.
We heard a compelling testimony from IndiaSims, a graduate of both CATEC and the Virginia School of Massage Therapy, whois receiving calls from collection agencies because her school debt is greaterthan her annual income.
Robert Johnson, the executive director ofRegion Ten Community Service Board, was invited as a special guest. He gave theIMPACT Assembly an update on the psychiatric re-entry program, called HealthyTransitions, which was the result of IMPACT’s mental health campaign last year.This program is ensuring the continuity of care for ex-offenders with mentalillness, and making a significant positive difference in their lives. It’skeeping ex-offenders off the streets, helping them find and maintainemployment, and preventing recidivism. We look forward to working with theCharlottesville City Council and Albemarle County board of supervisors on theircontinued support for this program.
Throughout the winter months, we will beconducting our research into the area of jobs and job readiness for youngadults. We will present a slate of actionable solutions to those problems, withthe support of 1,800 people at the Nehemiah Action, on March 26th2012. We hope to see you there!

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