IMPACT Leaders Show Up 100 Strong to County Board Meeting

Last night, 100 IMPACT leaders attend Albemarle County’s Budget Work Session to voice their support for the Healthy Transitions program.

Last year, the City Council and County Supervisors committed to funding Healthy Transitions–a psychiatric re-entry program for ex-offenders. Since its inception in June, Healthy Transitions has provided lifesaving therapy and medication for this vulnerable population. Many of those who have benefited are stable and have found work and secured housing. This program, at a cost of only $42,500 to each jurisdiction, can save the community hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

In the first release of the FY2012-2013 Albemarle County Budget, the Healthy Transitions program is “not recommended for funding.”

IMPACT will continue to stand for justice for ex-offenders with mental illness. Here’s how you can join us:

1. Spread the word in your congregation that Healthy Transitions is in danger.

2. Call your district supervisor (contact information here). Tell them:
-that you support the Healthy Transitions program and want theirs, too
-you expect to see them at the Nehemiah Action on March 26

3. Attend the Nehemiah Action on March 26 to stand up for justice for ex-offenders with mental illness, as well as unemployed youth.

Our work continues to be recognized in the community. You can our feature in the Daily Progress here.

Let’s continue to MAKE AN IMPACT!