2013 First Rung Healthcare Careers Collaborative

The problem: IMPACT has worked over the past two and half years on the problem of youth unemployment that impacts an estimated 3,000 young adults.  One of the largest barriers for young adults is the cost of training programs leading to careers that can support a family. Virginia Workforce estimates growth of about 12,000 healthcare positions between now and 2018.

A solution: We are asking the UVA Health System to fund a pilot program that has 30 local participants at approximately $3,000 each, totaling $90,000 that will begin in August 2014, the start of Piedmont Virginia Community College’s fall semester. This program would include:

  • Tuition waivers at $3,000 for each local student based on need
  • Commitment to hire successful graduates of the program
  • On-the-job coaching and mentoring (preceptors)
  • Eye toward program expansion following evaluation

Having a public commitment from motivated employers is the first step to making this happen. We are asking UVA Health System to make the first step for an initial pilot program.  Our research has shown that:

  • At Piedmont Virginia Community College, the most expensive entry level healthcare training program is approximately $3,000
  • Martha Jefferson Hospital had a similar program. In its pilot phase, they had 30 participants

Following evaluation we envision a collaborative and sustainable program to develop between UVA Medical Center and Martha Jefferson Hospital to form an employer-led collaborative that would:

  • Provide employers with skilled, credentialed and loyal local workers
  • Provide entry-level workers with education opportunities that lead to career mobility