Elder Care Update – January 2016

Our congregations’ elders and their caregivers struggle to find affordable care, cover their monthly living expenses and live alone without nearby help or care. So far, IMPACT’s Elder Care committee has met with five local experts to understand what’s happening in these areas. We’ve learned so far that nearly 1 out of 10 elders make less than $11,000 per year (JABA). Many elders struggle to afford the right care because they make too much for Medicaid but can’t afford to pay out of pocket (City DSS). Nearly 1 out of 4 elders live alone (JABA). The most reported cases of elder abuse are self neglect, which is often a result from living alone (County DSS). IMPACT is continuing to look into transportation, details about reports of abuse, and what’s happening in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. At the February Research Committee Meeting on February 18, we will create a problem statement to focus our efforts so that together, we can turn around the unfairness and suffering faced by our elders!