IMPACT Calendar

We ought to be proud that our justice ministries consistently organize the largest public meeting of the year. This does not happen by accident; it takes the time of dedicated leaders to uncover, research, and organize people to secure commitments to solutions for community problems.

Events with an * are for network members to attend.

All meetings are called to order at 6:30pm.


Uncovering community problems that personally affect our congregations

Listening Process Kick-off /Team Assembly I (training)     Monday, August 25th

 Church of the Incarnation

All IMPACT team members gather to train on how to conduct an engaging house meeting and to effectively uncover community problems and recruit network members

House Meeting* (congregational)     Late August-October

Each IMPACT team member gathers with ten of their friends and potential network members to discuss what problems people are experiencing, and to invite people to be a part of creating a solution to these problems by joining the network. Contact your IMPACT team member to find out when house meetings are at your congregation

Justice Ministry Team Assembly II      Monday, October 6th

Church of the Incarnation

All IMPACT team members gather to share the stories they heard during house meetings and to select three problem areas to be brought to the Annual Assembly for the network to vote on

ANNUAL ASSEMBLY*     Monday, October 27th

St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church

The entire justice ministry and rodef tzedek network gathers to hear personal testimonies regarding community problems and to democratically select the problem area we will all take on in the coming year



Researching a local, winnable solution to a community problem and organizing the people power that we need to secure commitments to these solutions

National Research to Action Workshop (training)     November 6-8th, Orlando FL

IMPACT sends leaders to train with other organizations around the country on how to best research and take action on community problems

Research Kick-off (training)     Monday, November 17th

All IMPACT leaders gather to learn how we do research together and to make initial decisions about the direction of new initiatives

Individual Network Meetings*   (congregational)     February- March

Each congregation’s network individually gets together to organize for the action. Everyone is updated on the research and selects whom they want to invite as their three people at the action. Contact your IMPACT team to find out when your network meeting is!

Justice Ministry Team Assembly III (training)     Monday, March 2nd

Islamic Society of Central Virginia

All IMPACT team members gather to be updated on the initiatives and to make sure that we are on track to reach our goal of 2,000 people at the action

RALLY*      Monday, March 23rd

Church of the Incarnation

All IMPACT networks gather to hear official announcements of solutions, decision makers, and to build solidarity as we prepare to take action!

NEHEMIAH ACTION*      Monday, April 27th

John Paul Jones Arena

People of faith unite to seek public commitments to solutions to the problems that our community faces



Our team and network members organize to make our justice ministries completely self-funded through their personal investments

Investment Drive Kick-off/ Team Assembly IV (training)     Monday, May 18th

All IMPACT team members gather to hear updates since the action and to plan for our investment drive to make sure that we are able to fully own our work. Team members can bring the first installment of their investment

Justice Ministry and Rodef Tzedek CELEBRATION*     Monday, June 8th

All network members gather at this night of celebrating our work and investing in our future

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